The company INTERGLOBUS D.O.O. was founded in 1998. We manufacture school furniture, office furniture, furniture for pre-school objects, we also supply school gyms and sport halls with necessary equipment. INTERGLOBUS is a family company which works on two thousand square meters of production plant, located only 12 kilometers from the centre of Cacak. We are  capable, both technically and with staff,  to fully equip schools and offices with furniture they need.

In the hardest business conditions we suceeded to be the first on our market to produce white boards, which have been produced in our production plant since the foundation of the company.  Modeled on the western companies, we managed to design modern student’s desks, chairs and other pieces of school furniture which satisfy all world standards.

Thanks to the quality, design and competitive prices, our company is now a leader in the production of school furniture in Serbia.

We are ready to respond to all requests, suggestions and needs of our clients.

In several previous years we have been regular participants in the International Fair of equipment and facilities for modern teaching in Belgrade and we have received a GOLDEN BOARD FOR MULTIMEDIA CLASSROOMS in the commodity group CLASSROOM AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENT.

In order to improve the quality of operations INTERGLOBUS D.O.O.  certificated its management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2001.

Our contribution to the preservation of the environment is to establish a system of environmental management in accordance with the requirements of  ISO 14001:2005.

We have also established a system of management of health insurance and safety at work in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007, in order to provide our employees a safe and secure working environment.

During 2008 we have completely expanded and modernized the part of the company which handles laminated materials.

In recent years we have worked with a large number of humanitarian organizations, foreign embassies, the City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Education and several municipalities in Serbia on projects to improve the conditions of education. We have equipped many primary, secondary schools and higher education institutions in Serbia. Through our representatives, our products have already  been selling on the markets of Montenegro, Serbian Republic and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.




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